Polly’s Transformation Story: Self-Acceptance 

Have you ever felt lost and unsure about the path you’re on? That was me, Polly, a mother of four children living in a small town. Questions flooded my mind – why is everything the way it is? What do I want? What’s my purpose? 


Can I change anything? Is it too late to find answers?


In 2015, after my third maternity leave, I had a clear goal – to work on self-improvement and realize my potential in my career. I stumbled upon Daria Trutneva’s coaching recordings online and knew I had to try her methods.


I began by working on my finances, and to my surprise, clients started flowing towards me. It worked! I soon joined Daria’s active transformation community, worked on my goals, and learned to tap into my subconscious.


But then, I found out I was pregnant again – something I did not consciously desire. I was so upset that I thought the whole method of transforming your limiting beliefs was a scam. I left the community and fell into an emotional pit.


In 2016, I gave birth, and my life became filled with suffering. I hated everything about myself and constantly pitied myself. 


I knew I needed to change, but the thought of doing something made me sick.



It wasn’t until one evening, in late 2016, that I had a life-changing conversation. I realized the importance of self-acceptance and the dangers of denying your true desires.


I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “Let’s be real, Polly.”


“Okay,” I answered back.


I had always been curious and tried everything to improve myself – Theta Healing, psychologists, and even esoteric practices. But I had to ask myself, what really worked? When did I see real results?

It was Daria’s transformation method that changed everything for me. Instead of looking for answers outside of myself, I started looking inward. That’s when the changes happened.


But then, when I started seeing results, I got scared. I didn’t believe in myself or the changes that were happening. I was afraid of change.


“Do you want to be scared for the rest of your life?” I asked myself.


“No, I don’t,” I answered.


It was at that moment that I realized I had the power to control my life. The philosophy of the method – that we can change everything in our reality – resonated with me. I knew I wanted to stick with it forever.


And the changes came instantly. When I started accepting myself, my emotional state improved. I‘ve lost 17 lbs with ease and pleasure. And then everything started to spiral – at home and at work. 


I became a curator and trainer for online courses, was invited to speak at conferences for entrepreneurs, and even started my own freelancing marathon for moms. My husband and I started traveling more, and I began to talk more about myself, praise myself, and love myself. 


It was all about deep self-acceptance. I started to recognize my own value in the world just as I am. And it was just the beginning.


I even changed my views about motherhood. A mother of many children can be happy and content with herself and her children, instead of being overwhelmed and exhausted. Working on my inner world and beliefs helped me achieve this.


I truly believe there is no better technique for people who want to control their lives, know and understand what they want, and fill their days with it. It doesn’t matter where you start – everything and anything can be changed. That’s why I love it.