Katherine’s Transformation Story: No Shame Or Guilt

Hey, my name is Katherine and I want to share the story of how I was able to find the solutions to what’s been worrying me for so long.


Growing up, my parents always told me, “Where you were born, there you are useful.” But what if where you were born isn’t where you’re meant to be?


I was raised in the Far East, where the harsh winters made life unbearable. I yearned for a warmer climate, where I could step outside without feeling like I was freezing to death. I dreamed of a place where I could feel alive again, but I had no idea where I could find this special place for me.


One day, my husband and I took a vacation to a place we’d never been before. The sun was shining, and I felt a sense of excitement and possibility that I hadn’t felt in years. I turned to my husband and said,


“I want to live here. This is where I belong.”


But my husband didn’t agree. He believed in contributing to the land where we were born, and my relatives accused me of being ungrateful for wanting to leave. I felt guilty and torn, like I was betraying my heritage.


I tried everything to break free from this cycle, including game practices. At one point, I was introduced to Neome, and through the transformation process in the Practice Mode, I faced my fears and beliefs head-on. I accepted my qualities, both good and bad, and let go of guilt and any resentment towards my loved ones.



Now, after more than a year of working with the technique, I understand that stable work brings results. I just regularly worked on myself using the app and at some point started to notice changes. The first thing that happened was a change in my mood and internal state. I knew for sure that I wanted to move, I had confidence that I would do it, and with that came peace of mind.


I knew exactly how I wanted to live in my new city. I knew what to look for, who to talk to, how to spend my time, what changes would occur, and how I would react to them.


I calmly and logically explained to my husband why I wanted to move. I talked to my relatives about it. I explained that I would feel better there, that our children would receive better education and opportunities, which were not available where we lived.


The change in my state led to a change in the state of my loved ones – the principle of synchronicity always works. They heard me.


Three months later, my husband suggested going on vacation to the new city. Upon arrival, he showed me a list of apartments and said that we would choose and buy one of them. I was shocked. We bought a beautiful two-story apartment in a good area.


In the new city, I enrolled my children in school and found a job. Here, I breathe freely, I no longer have a cough, and I’m not freezing all the time. I’ve even gained weight, which I like – I used to be too skinny. I like everything here – the nature, the weather, the people. I am very happy.


All my old limiting beliefs were worked on, and my puzzle has come together. Now, from this state of calmness, joy, and confidence, I can plan my life further, set new goals, and achieve them.